I Know My Insurance Does NOT Cover Saxenda®, but I Still Want to Save on My Prescription

To learn how you may be able to gain coverage, and other possible ways to save on your Saxenda® prescriptions, choose from the options below.

I have employer-covered and/or private insurance

Employers decide prescription benefits for their employees. If your company’s plan doesn’t include medicines to treat obesity, don’t be discouraged. You can submit a request for coverage with the help of your health care provider.

Just print out this sample letter that he or she can use as the basis for a note on their own letterhead. Then bring it to your benefits or human resources manager. That person may be able to contact your insurance provider on your behalf.

I have Medicare coverage

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover medicines for obesity. However, some select Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans for retirees do. If you have one of these plans, please check with its administrator.

I have VA/military coverage

Unfortunately, the VA does not cover medicines for weight management and obesity at this time. If you have supplemental coverage from a private provider, please check with that plan to see if it covers these issues.

I have Medicaid coverage

Each state decides for itself what prescription drugs to cover through Medicaid, so you’ll need to contact your state’s Medicaid office to learn if it covers medicines for weight management and obesity.

I am a government employee with health benefits

If you are a city, state, or federal worker, ask your benefits manager about coverage for obesity medications.

I have individual and family coverage directly through an insurance company (ie, coverage through the Affordable Care Act)

Check with your insurance company to learn if you are eligible for an upgrade or an add-on to your plan. And with the possibility of changes to insurance laws, the more you know, the better.



Save when you purchase Saxenda® with cash

Even if you don't have coverage, you may be able to save on your prescriptions with a Saxenda® Savings Card. Eligibility and restrictions apply.