Is Saxenda® a Good Fit for You?

Saxenda® is a medicine that can help you lose weight and keep it off. Learn more about it and ask your health care provider if it may be the right choice to help you reach your weight-management goals.

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How Saxenda® works

How Saxenda® works

Learn more about how Saxenda® works in the body to help you lose weight. 


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Benefits of taking Saxenda®

Benefits of taking Saxenda®

Saxenda® may help you take off excess weight and keep it off.


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Side effects from Saxenda®

Side effects

Review the side effects associated with Saxenda®, and talk to your health care provider about what to expect.


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Learn about the Saxenda® pen

How to use the pen

Learn more about taking Saxenda® by reading step-by-step instructions or watching a helpful instructional video. 


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Saxenda® dosing schedule

Dosing schedule

Stay on track while taking Saxenda® as prescribed. Use this quick guide any time and speak with your health care provider if you have questions.


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Get a personalized Weight Exploration Report

  • Sarah is a 47-year-old single mother
  • When diet and exercise weren’t enough to help her lose weight and keep it off, she became discourage
  • Sarah learned more about the science behind obesity 
  • Sarah discovered that obesity is a chronic disease and decided to discuss her treatment options with her health care provider

The Weight Exploration Report is the perfect tool to help you start the weight-loss conversation with your health care provider.


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